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Tags: potato, soup, bacon, pepper, cold soup, pre-make soup

Recipe by Carolynne ;
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Total Cooking Time: 0 - 30 minutes
2 Servings
  • Bacon20 gramsBlack pepper3 grams
  • chicken broth 3 cups500 Mint 5 grams
  • Potato500 gramssalt3

Cooking Method

  • Step 1
    1.) Wash the potatoes peeled and diced, cooked by placing in boiling water and drain.
  • Step 2
    2.) 3 cups broth and potatoes and half serving of mint leaf juice machine Beat into the pot boil, add salt and pepper and cook tasty, let cool in the refrigerator cold.
  • Step 3
    3.) The other half of the amount of chopped mint leaves, and so on the table again, and cold soup mix, plus bacon and dried leaves of a mint garnish.

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