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About us:

Why we create MyMealSpinner?

"To share not just a single dish recipes, but a complete meal planning idea which actually helps people who need to make a meal for their friends and family!"

MyMealSpinner.com is an online social platform that encourages people around the world to share plans of their “Complete Meal and recipes. We thrive to celebrate eating culture and spread the joy of convenient meal planning using internet platform.

MyMealSpinner.com is founded in 2016 to allow food lovers around the world to share their meal planning ideas and recipes via a fun and interactive website. How a Daddy in Amsterdam cook his family dinner might not be the same as the Daddy from China! And this is what exciting for us to see!

We conceived the idea when Rachel (a mommy of 2 and the best friend of our MMS founder), was struggling to think of WHAT to cook each day for her family and friends in ordinary days and special occasions. Rachel has found it was a challenge to create meals that were both interesting, yummy, atrractive looking and nutritious for her loved ones. So after collecting hundred of recipes online but still do not know what to cook every day, MyMealSpinner was founded to solve this day to day problem in one of the most exciting and user friendly method that we hope our food lovers will enjoy.

Why we cook at home? Love!

Cooking for our family and friends can be one of the most direct way to build interaction, surely we can dine out, but what’s truly amazing about cooking a meal for your love ones is it initiates an instant bond with people around you. We are living in a world with an ever-increasing pace where each of us is busy with our work and lives. Wouldn’t it be great if we have a community where we can share our meal ideas that differ in terms of culture, climate, taste and diet?

So please do help us expand our meal planning ideas by simply sharing it via Internet!  A new era of home cooking has begun in which tiresome meal planning is being replaced by browsing thousands of creative and useful meal plans made by millions of parents, chefs, party planners, dessert chefs … the list goes on…

MyMealSpinner.com is a Singapore based company aims to provide online social platform that encourage people around the world to share their ideas on
meal planning by providing comprehensive cooking information, food pairing ideas, dish reviews and ratings etc…
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