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STEP 1: Click the icons of cooking methods you want to use for this MEAL. You can choose up to 7. (e.g: if you pick Bake, Bake, Steam & Microwave buttons. You might not even have to cook at all because the appliances you choose in your kitchen will do all the work for you!)
Click which
methods you
will use for
cooking this meal!
(maximum 7 icons)
STEP 2: Choose dishes you want to make!

Each spinner will be showing you what things you can make with the method of cooking you have chosen. You can move the dish you want to cook to the orange bar by clicking << or >> in each spinner. (You can also narrow down options by clicking (Filter) button!)

Name Your Meal!

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STEP 3: Save or cook the meal you’ve just planned!

Now, you can save your meal design to your profile page / meal calendar for future use. (Yes! If you look vertically, the meal design is simply those dishes you’ve chosen inside the orange bar!)

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